Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who Finds Twitter More Effective, Advertisers or Consumers? Social Media & Business

This is a really interesting study done by LinkedIn and Harris Interactive, and this article by eMarketer (which has AWESOME articles everyday in my inbox) shows that using Twitter for your business to promote products and ideas is thought to be somewhat effective by both advertisers and internet users.

As an internet user (or consumer in the eyes of the advertiser), it's not that effective or not at ALL effective in promoting products and ideas.

This further proves my point in yesterday's post, "Don't Spam Me Dude..." We want to get your ideas and have our questions answered - give us VALUE.

And in the eyes of the marketer or advertiser (or my other hat), only half of us feel that it is even somewhat effective. So, I'm going to get out there and get that attention by





That's how social media should be taken on by businesses - and the ROI will be there - as proven by those already successful - take it from lessons learned.

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