Monday, August 3, 2009

Don’t Spam Me, Dude. Why Companies Need an Honest Soclal Media Approach.

We’re all bombarded with countless advertisements throughout the day. Reports vary on just how many, and just when we thought it was safe to escape from all the clutter to our private little corner of the office and surf on the internet, we get even more clutter. Only now they know just a little bit more about us - what browser we’re using, what we may want to purchase based on what we bought previously, or maybe something that goes with our purchase (complementary). So now advertisements get even smarter.

And one step further, social media has taken over our lives - every one of us has some niche that we belong to. And we have the powerful search capabilities to find others searching for other members of that niche to connect with. This is the place we want to be, right? The place where we can truly feel like we belong, like we are among other who “get” us, and feel like part of human race, so interesting and full of widely varying areas of expertise.

And new people start to come out of the woodwork. Someone has the secret to building a successful home business where you can earn $4,000+ a week. Someone can get me to add 1,000 followers by clicking on a link.

Look, spam happens. You have to laugh. But let’s try to use the opportunity to have a conversation like a wildlife preserve. It’s a jungle out there, filled with people connecting for a lot of different reasons - all with different goals in mind.

For example, my goal is to use social media and digital marketing to find a job in just THAT - strategizing social media and digital marketing! But, how can I use the medium without selling myself outright, and spamming people with the fact that I’m looking for work? Who want to listen to that?? If I shared some value with you FIRST, maybe you’d want to help. So I practice what I preach and encourage you to do the same.
No one in social media is looking to be SOLD on something. They are here because they find some VALUE from it. Whatever AUDIENCE they belong to - and that is very unique to each audience. You’ve got to share value with others - and they will come.

If you don’t know what VALUE is to your audience - then find out what they’re talking about. Here are a couple of examples:

Twitter - Who is following you? If you don’t even have ONE follower, you can search a keyword, to see who’s talking about a topic. Then look at who’s part of the conversation and what they’re talking about. Use twitalyzer to find out who the influencers are on a particular topic.

LinkedIn - What groups exist that might be in your area of interest, or your profession? Take a look at my profile for some ideas. Start sharing news articles with them, jump in the conversation and add VALUE by being part of the experience without SPAMMING!

Blogs - Search for people that talk about your area of interest and search for their blogs - comment and get part of the conversation. There really people out there who want to hear what you have to say.
There is a definite opportunity for businesses to grab onto social media, but it has to be for the right reasons first - ROI DOES count, but how else can we latch on?

We can learn from the best. See my earlier post on the top 10. The top corporations in social media don’t need to SPAM you and ruin that trust they worked so hard to earn. You can be a successful business using social media, and don’t have to resort to SPAM to do it. Follow some of my tips, and stay tuned to my Youtube channel for tips!

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