Thursday, August 13, 2009

Social Media Marketers Sidle Up to the Female Blogger Bar?

Marketers Court Female Bloggers - eMarketer

Marketers want to head on over to the social media cocktail party and join the conversation. At this Bar, there's no cover charge, no age minimum (more than likely), and no last call. I love articles that challenge thinking, so you can be smart about preparing a social media plan. Read the rest of my blog post, and then click through on the image above to take you to the latest eMarketer article.

I share this with you as it struck a chord with me. Yeah, I guess I'm a female blogger, but also because as a marketer, I understand it's critical to understand your audience before your plan a strategy to communicate with them. But even moreso, HOW are they using the social media space? That's a virtual world all its own, as it's consumer generated content, and conversation that makes it so valuable.

If your market includes mommy bloggers, know that not all female bloggers fit that bill. We women aren't all the same, nor are all males, and our purchase behaviors and the way we choose to live our lives is based on our own unique experiences and values. But you can work with this, if you just know something about them, and what kinds of social media they are taking part in already. That's where research and monitoring comes in handy, particularly in the area of social media usage.

But if you are an organization that is fortunate enough to have communication with a female audience already, you're ahead of the game. You've got an audience that is ready and waiting for you - now all you've got to do is have a plan.

I share this article that has valuable research provided by ShesConnected, BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners, based on studies done with a sample of over 1,500 women, with a wide range in age (18-77), about weekly social media participation, conducted by the US Census and Nielsen.

Women bloggers are more than willing to help marketers out when it makes sense to do so.

40% said they provided marketers with information collected on their blogs.

53% said they would consider doing so if asked.

If you really want to help fill a NEED, (as use marketers strive to do), whatever part of the mix it may be (direct, e-mail, display), then understanding your audience is crucial.

Traditional marketing research (focus groups) have been used successfully for years. Now your focus group wants to hear from you - they're waiting at the bar. Bartenders aren't shy and are usually good at conversation, adding value for your what could have been lonely cocktail/brewski.

What do YOU have on tap?

Let's tap in!
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