Friday, August 21, 2009

Google Voice - Currently Invite Only - The latest truly mobile craze

WOW. Checking out today's twitter trends, I saw quite a buzz going on over google voice. And yesterday, I was telling someone on a conference call about Google Wave.

Not having a phone number tied to a phone will make us truly mobile. Just wanted to do a short micro blog post about it, taking a break from my usual social media post - but, hey, I'm using social media to do THIS, right? It's automated through posterous from a button on my browser toolbar, and automatically posts to twitter and facebook.

Now, if I just could figure out how to include LinkedIn status updates, that would be the ultimate trifecta!

When we get an implant chip in our hand (now that will be the day) how much more social media will I be able to take on?? I just don't want to know where the fax comes out.

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