Wednesday, August 19, 2009

VIDEO: What is LinkedIn? Is this Social Media Tool For YOU?

I think this is a great video for those that want to tap into social networking for business or for job seeking but just don't know why or how. I hope this video will enable someone out there to not be so overwhelmed by this VERY helpful tool.

Thank you @LinkedInQueen for sharing this tweet.

BTW, an area of interest to me is in the methodology of automating the process. In case it might be of help to others, I have the "Share on Posterous" link in my browser, and when I come upon an interesting video or picture, I just click on it and it embeds it in my blog. Then, I just add my comment, and voila - an e-mail goes out to post on my blog, twitter and facebook. Have to check out's options, but for now, this works for me.

Please share your tips here, too! And maybe we'll crack the social media code just yet (nah, I think it will always be one step ahead of us!).

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