Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tweet This

This article by Bill Ives refers to an article "10 Ways Twitter Will Change Blog Redesign in 2009," ,by Rachel Cunliffe.

The list makes reference to Tumblr, blog feeds and even a video on how to do it.

How will Twitter change the way my blog looks? Well, I think social media will change the way we view the web, not just blogs - in the past week, I now have a twitter and linked in button in place of a flat, boring, dead link. Here's a link:

Whatever can hold attention in this world of clutter - it's taken me 1 hour just just do this short post because of attention-getting social media articles that distract me. NOT a place for ADD.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Linked In on CNN

Found out about this CNN interview with LinkedIn CEO a LinkedIn discussion group, Advertising Professionals. With a reference to the website here:

I admit I was using LinkedIn originally as a rolodex, sort of seeing how many people I knew, but luckily a discussion group on LinkedIn that I've been using more pointed me in the right direction, and its power was unleashed, forcing me to think of how else I could use LinkedIn.

Especially for marketing.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weapons of Mass Construction

Information. Data. However you look at it, it is our secret weapon - every one of us. Whether we put a search for a UPC Code or Model number on a blackberry to ensure we're getting the best price, or we have a widget to look at the weather forecast on our Google homepage. We are all addicted to information. Can't get enough of it.

Will Online Volunteers Transform Our Economic Recovery?
triggered this thought to come forth. Did I have to share this thought with anyone, or in fact keep it to myself? Well, in a time when I am trying to do my part to help economic recovery along, volunteering my time seems like a great time to come forth and share my skills and thoughts. Especially since I'm working on my own economic recovery during this down time.

My favorite paragraph in Josh Bernoff's brilliant article is:

"This is already transforming the world. As Tim O'Reilly has pointed out, Web 2.0 transforms. Classifieds become, which gets undermined by Craigslist. Britannica fades in favor of Encarta, which gets pulverized by Wikipedia. Photo film becomes Snapfish, which is swallowed by Flickr. In each case the end state is free, people-generated and revenue-challenged. "

And what is to come from Twitter - I am intrigued with the idea of amassing this wealth of user information and being able to leverage it, with a transformed business model.

After all, who'd have thought that two guys in in a garade would start the largest internet venture ever. Talk about how information is power.

What would it info be without search, after all? So, with volunteers like myself sharing information, I'd be floating around in cyberspace unless you found this. And that could be a pretty long trip!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We all scream for i-screen

An industry insider says that businesses are likely to roll out customer relationship management (CRM) apps on smart phone handsets, such as the new BlackBerry Storm and the iPhone 3G.

Since I got my Blackberry last year, I find it difficult to put it down and "disconnect" myself. The idea of being able to surf the web without having to be dependant on PC intrigues me, and I find myself picking it up even during a movie to find out a piece of trivia information, like whe's voice do I detect on a character in an animated movie. Trivial, yes, but info is power.

And info in the consumer's hand is power. Which translates even further in today's time to purchasing power.

I think companies will continue to do whatever it takes to leverage this, and continue to build strong relationships that add VALUE.

Strong relationships on tiny hand held devices.