Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We all scream for i-screen

An industry insider says that businesses are likely to roll out customer relationship management (CRM) apps on smart phone handsets, such as the new BlackBerry Storm and the iPhone 3G.

Since I got my Blackberry last year, I find it difficult to put it down and "disconnect" myself. The idea of being able to surf the web without having to be dependant on PC intrigues me, and I find myself picking it up even during a movie to find out a piece of trivia information, like whe's voice do I detect on a character in an animated movie. Trivial, yes, but info is power.

And info in the consumer's hand is power. Which translates even further in today's time to purchasing power.

I think companies will continue to do whatever it takes to leverage this, and continue to build strong relationships that add VALUE.

Strong relationships on tiny hand held devices.

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