Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Close Relationship Between Bloggers and Marketers - eMarketer

Great post by with good survey coverage.

So out of a sample size of 233, surveyed recently, a whopping 100% of them were contacted by PR firms. What does that mean for bloggers? What does it mean for PR firms?

Well, I think that the audience is valuable for both - for bloggers, they get to receive the content that is of most value to THEM, pertaining to some subject matter of importance - and noted as EQUALLY important to maintain transparency.

And for PR firms, the audience of bloggers is of value to them because they can spread the word, hopefully of what the PR firms tells them to spread. I found it very fitting recently when mommy bloggers instituted a blackout.

But I DO think that the value of transparency for marketers is critical. Especially since it is obvious that businesses taking on social media have SOME marketing objective, and PR objectives in mind, with a return on their investment needed.

So marketers need to take note that bloggers are ON it. They get their value, and know their place - so to tap in, join the conversation and add VALUE. You can have a place in the blogger line, you just have to have some currency in your wallet when you get to the register to check out!

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