Friday, July 3, 2009

Your Job Search - My 5 Tips on Social Media Marketing YOU

How can you take advantage of social media and market yourself effectively for a potential employer? Well hopefully you'll have lots of interesting activity going on online - and that means being proactively involved. Here are five tips that have been working successfully for me, and I want to share them with YOU:

1. SEO

Make sure your profile on LinkedIn is peppered with the keywords that are relevant to what you are looking for in a job - Do you want a job in marketing, like myself? How about terms like social media marketing, or CRM if you've got experience? This way when someone searches, voila - you're a superstar. Btw, SEO is the hot term for search engine optimization. Let's optimize you!

2. Speak UP!

Can't hear you if you're not in the room, or facing a different direction. Do a Google search for a keyword+blog. Did you find mine searching for social media marketing+blog? Post your comments so others will learn who u are and connect you with the term. Better yet, a potential employer!

3. Got twitter?

Twitter is great for sending out quick snippets of useful info (or mindless blather, but that's not how I use it). Check out @jobangels, @jobshouts-there really ARE people out there who want to help!
4. Go where the people are.
Join a group on LinkedIn or Yahoo of people who want to know who you are! Who's that? Well now that you've read this far, I know you're proactive to want to be part of the conversation! And if you're on LinkedIn, let's connect so you can take a peek at the groups I belong to, the status updates, etc.

5. Don't duplicate, automate!
Look like you're everywhere! Secret - I'm writing this on my blackberry, sending an email to with my account set up FREE (some people like, it posts to my twitter acct @Vickie_Smith, which posts to my Facebook as a status update! Let's make the job search fun while we're in this together, right? Let's think of makin some really good lemonade...
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