Wednesday, July 8, 2009

5 Tips on The YOU Elevator Pitch, and Marketing YOU

Getting ready for my Speed Networking Event tomorrow, I’d like to share 5 tips on preparing your elevator pitch. Here’s mine in a nutshell (for THIS event):
“I'm a freelance marketing consultant and certified Project Management Professional I LOVE to help my clients get their audience's attention through marketing research, solid communications and social media marketing. As a former jazz vocalist, I “get” audience. When the curtain goes up, you get one chance to make ‘em say WOW!”

1. Make ‘em say “WOW.”
Strike a chord - not saying you have to break out in an Irish jig, but pack some punch! For me, every time I told someone I used to be a jazz vocalist, that was the chord. My personal training, well, unless someone really likes exercise…but everyone likes music of some kind or at least wishes they were on stage.
2. What makes you “YOU”?
If you got in an elevator with someone, unless you’re in a skyscraper with 100+ floors, think BRIEF. This isn’t the place to tell someone everything - just intrigue them and make them want MORE.
Keep It Simple, Stanley (or Stupid, whichever you prefer) You want to go one step further? Try writing a Twitch (a Twitter Elevator pitch!) - that will help.
4. Say it LOUD!
Ever see Taxicab with Robert DeNiro? See my earlier post, “You Talkin To Me?” He practices his line over and over in the mirror. Try it out! Then try it again. Here’s your chance to make it ring!
5. Curtains Up!
Now you’re backstage, but when you get to try it out live, there’s no second chance to make a first impression. So, use the opportunity to make it second nature and practice practice practice! Keep me posted on your progress - communications isn’t easy!

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