Saturday, July 11, 2009

Social Media Marketing is on the rise!

Advertisers are having a tough time now - well, at least with traditional methods.
Having been involved in traditional marketing/advertising, I was captured by this social media marketing article:
The chart shows the finding of a Forrester Research study on spending marketing $ and it clearly shows an almost 50% increase in social media, with a close trail by e-mail marketing. Both showed only a slight decrease compared with traditional methods.

From my own experience, having been involved in my own career in more traditional methods, I definitely saw these areas take a hit - most recently in my position in radio advertising. Advertisers wanted to go more on the internet, with web banner ads - which are helpful, but with a more wholistic well-rounded view, with as many touchpoints for your audience as your budget will allow.

That's why I am FASCINATED with social media, and all the ways that people can have a conversation, and develop business. I think it makes business more of an exchange between friends than just putting down your money on the table and getting something in return.

As least that's what businesses that are reaping the rewards of social media are finding - and spending more in these areas.
If the formula works, just do more of the same! And we'll keep listening - we're ALL consumers, right?

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