Friday, July 24, 2009

Social Media Marketing at its Best: Amazon Steps into Zappos’ Shoes + top 10 leaders

This is a great article from eMarketer, all things digital intelligence, that primarily focuses on Zappos success, and how its success led it to be swallowed by media giant Amazon (that's a pretty major accomplishment!).

But how can you leverage social media and turn it into ROI? Especially when social media is only part of the marketing mix, and its analytics compared to other traditional methods, are only starting to emerge.

I am a true believer that there should always be an effort to eliminate duplication, especially when others have already done it successfully. I don't mean COPY, but use it as a tool to include in your own social media efforts and ADAPT and MODIFY them.

So I share with you this article, which also lists the top 10 companies who have done it successfully.

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