Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Optimize your job search with SEO and Social Media

Take advantage of all the FREE tools we have access to with social media when looking for a job. Not sure how? Here's 5 tips to get you started:
1. SEO - Ess ee WHO? Search engine optimization CAN be good for the faint of heart - all you have to do is make sure the types of jobs you want to attract are in the text of your profile.
2. LinkedIn
What? You mean you don't update your profile on a daily basis? If you get linkedin status updates, you might see every time I scratch my nose- well maybe not THAT extreme - but take advantage of it all - look at all the things you can do. it's FREE! What could be better?
3. Do you blog?
Blogging is a great way for you to establish yourself in this sea of job up a FREE account on blogger and put in on your linkedin profile! Yep, still free.
4. Tweet tweet.
It's not so scary once you have a plan! Use SEO (remember those keywords?) to customize your search but ALSO to include in your tweets, because recruiters or at least people searching for those same words can now find you! Free. Hmm one more tip:
5. Facebook
 Yes, the giant continues to grow, so take advantage as everyone moves over!! And you can install an app to pull in your tweets in status updates. Free, yes and just keep active! - we'll complete this job search just yet!
If you throw out more hooks, don't you think you're chances are better at catching a fish? :)
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