Monday, July 27, 2009

Radian6 and Social Media Metrics - How does This Social Media Rockstar Do It?

I checked out Radian6 today, as I was invited to a free webinar to introduce their services. It was a small group, with only about 4 others on the call, with the ability to pipe in and ask questions without the need to put myself on mute, or to click on “raise hand” and hope the moderator would see me. I enjoyed the discussion and having questions answered right away, as I was eager to learn about the metrics and the new tools available to companies wanting to get their social media in gear.

One new thing I learned was how valuable a “conversation cloud” is. On the dashboard, you have various widgets to choose from, and this one seemed to be one of the most intriguing to us. The technology takes a look at the “river of news” back 30 days (or maybe you or your client need further back - you can speak to them about the deets), and it will give you a read out of the top 50 keywords associated with that word. So, say you were searching for a brand and want to know what else is in people’s minds when they have the conversation, how valuable is it to know what else they’re talking about social media with your brand?

One other fascinating metric was taking a look at the “influencers.” Being able to drill down to the influencers, and however you define what’s important to YOU, such as total comment count, total unique comments, etc, I think that’s pretty valuable.

There are sites out there for the masses, where you can do things like an RSS search on Digg, but for corporate use, it looks like a pretty powerful tool to be able to digest social media into manageable chunks, in a user-friendly platform.

I haven’t actually tried out the program yet, but I thought I’d give this innovative timely much-needed tool a well-deserved chance. And I thank Radian6 for giving me this experience, and letting me backstage on my journey to becoming a Social Media Rockstar, too. :)

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