Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stats on How Social Media Users Depend on Their Networks - eMarketer

It's so important to understand how people are using social networks - how can you reach an audience, unless you have an understanding of their media usage habits? And what are they doing when they get there?

Putting together a social media strategy for a client yesterday, it was important to understand certain characteristics of the audience, and what kind of value they want to receive first. Otherwise, it's like shouting at a wall pretty much.

So, looking at these stats, isn't it a good idea to get more involved, or do you want to sit on the sidelines and watch the social media barge pass you by?

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  1. That is a very interesting graph showing social media activity. Thanks for providing that info. Uploading photos is definitely one of the top activities on Facebook.

  2. eMarketer has great content - I highly recommend signing up for their enewsletter, especially if you're into social media marketing! :) It's great to collect valuable content and share it with others - I look forward to yours, too!