Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's in Your Social Media Fridge? Can You Easily Find a Snack?

Yesterday I presented a private social media/online marketing class. It is always awesome to learn what's most important to people - it's very unique for every individual.

Just like you don’t take out all the contents of your refrigerator when you want to get a quick snack, you have to know what you want to want, and what tools will work best for you. A lot is trial and error, I admit. I have found a lot of content in the area of social media, newsletters, RSS feeds, and bears OH MY.

But over time, I found what was most useful and relevant for me to share as news items on LinkedIn, in my blog, or on twitter.

So you make a list of what you want to buy right, right? What are you going to digest and eat in your social media house?

Then you go shopping. Load the fridge with your frequently grabbed snacks right to the front (my hootsuite for twitter, and netvibes and google alerts for my inputs…).

Then you open these packages on a daily basis to grab a tasty morsel.

So, my big tip for the day is to find out what content you want to share with your network, and a way to receive it on a daily basis. Do you prefer e-mail? Sign up for a newsletter. Do you prefer an RSS feed? Try Google Reader, Netvibes - whatever works for YOU. But find the content, and then start sharing and commenting.

If you want to have a voice online, you’ve got to have something to say. Now all you have to do is go find the content and make sure you keep those packages in the front of the fridge, so you don’t have to tear it up from top to bottom to find it. Now go find the people who want to hear it and be part of the conversation!

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