Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lessons Learned: Don’t Broadcast Your Major Social Media Updates at Week’s End

A new report just broke the news that the best time to broadcast your updates is at the beginning of the week. Click throughs on your Facebook status updates are highest on Tuesdays.

If you are on Twitter, like me, I have been tracking the metrics to see when the most interest is generated and I get the most click throughs at the week’s start. I have found this to definitely be true - not that the content is any different, it’s just that as people move towards the weekend, their minds are pulled in a different direction. And ever wonder why weekly meetings are set to Wednesdays for many? Because that’s the day most people are likely to be at work! (No calling in sick for a longer weekend, right?)

What surprised me was a big drop off in click throughs starting on Thursday. Content published on Thursday receives half the clicks of stories published the previous day.

So today is Thursday, right? Why am I posting this? I like to keep my blog current, and as I find social media news of interest. It’s no trouble at all for me to share the news I’ve found once you automate the process. It keeps a nice placemarker for the start of next week Enjoy!

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