Thursday, June 25, 2009

"You Talkin To Me?" - 5 Tips on Social Media Marketing DeNiro Style!

Need help with getting your audience's attention? Picture DeNiro as your audience He’s DARING you to speak to him.
How can you meet the DARE of a potential customer or maybe a recruiter, who might not “get” your message? Well, first you’ve got to get someone to listen!

Here are 5 tips Social Media Marketing - before you try to shout out your promotional message in this giant “cluttersphere!"

1. Know who you’re talkin’ to!

I know that the audience I’m trying to reach with this blog post has an interest in marketing and definitely social media.
Who would want to buy what you’re selling? Businesses? Consumers? What kind? Do they live in a certain area, or is your business on the internet?
Or, who would want to hire you - recruiters? A hiring manager?
There might be some cross-over, but you should have an idea of who you are targeting - demographics (i.e. where they live, ages, etc.) and psychographics (lifestyle - do they watch TV? Listen to radio? Are they sports fans? Etc.) Then you can answer the next question.

2. Why should I listen?

If I don’t know what’s in it for me, why am I going to listen? Does DeNiro really look like he wants to listen or like he wants to get right down to business?!
Your audience wants to know what’s in it for them - where's the VALUE?
Where’s the exchange?
What do you have that I can’t get somewhere else? Or maybe I can, but the value relates to $.
Maybe it’s because you’re ALL over the social media circuit, right? And you’ve got this major brand that is established - and I want YOU!
Look to see what others out there like you are doing, and figure out why you are UNIQUE.
So, before you meet your audience in a dark alley, you’ve got 1 second to tell them why they need to listen.

3. Value up FRONT!

Tell them why they should listen right away, without an intro. Go right for the jugular!
Do you think DeNiro has time for you to get to the point?
For example, do you think a 30 second ad, or better yet, a 140 character message, is going to tell you a life story before getting to the point that really brought you together in the first place?
Think of taking a test with one of those saga paragraph questions (had quite a few on the PMP exam!). A good strategy to tackle them was to go to the END of the question first. Then you know just what to look for!
I always try to get to the point right away in writing content for my client’s marketing campaigns.
Again, think DeNiro!
Think in terms of YOU. Instead of telling someone why you’re doing something, tell me what I’m going to get out of it FIRST.
Cause I’m really busy.

4. And ACTION!

Don't forget to not only tell your audience what value you bring to the plate, but what do you want them to do! You have a goal, right?

In Taxidriver, DeNiro pretty much wants to take action right away…

You’ve told me the value you bring to the plate, you GOT me listening, now what?? Figure out if it's a phone number or an e-mail you want to get for more info, so there's a CONVERSION to being a customer!

5. Fits like a glove!

Think of WHERE your message is being heard, so you don’t end up saying “HELLLOOOO Is this thing on?”!
Before your social media marketing message is sent, think of where you are. Does the conversation FIT?
If you on Twitter, maybe you use hashtags, or are onto keywords, so people searching for them can find you.
Are you on LinkedIn? Then you probably are involved in some discussions as part of a GROUP you joined, where the conversation fits.
Are you commenting on articles, and getting involved in multiple social media marketing efforts?
Just remember not only that DeNiro wants to know Why You Talkin To Him, but it BETTER fit like a glove (Speaking of O.J. Simpson - now there’s a guy who’s not only got time, but he’s doin’ time…but I digress)
Crafting a message is just that - doing your homework to have the most impact when you speak to your audience! Think DeNiro!

It took YEARS of experience and education in marketing to get an audience’s attention! Maybe I can help YOU. If you need help, reach out to me, and if I can, I’ll be more than happy to help you.

So, always think of DeNiro as your audience DARING you - “You Talkin To Me?”

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